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Hello guys, below I will leave a picture about my first Photoshop project, hope you’ll like it.

Web Project

Hey Whats up guys, below I will leave my first animated banner made with Photoshop, I know it sucks, I will make a better one soon, but I will post this one for the moment. Hope you’ll like it.


Hello guys! Today I’m going to post 3 posters with the same architecture but different sizes made with Photoshop, these posters seem to be very interesting and unusual, hope you’ll like it!

22×28 cm


24×36 cm


30×40 cm


Hello guys, today we are going to answers a very interest question that every Web-Developer in their career asks at some point.

Which Graphics File Format Is Best To Use When?

We as Web-Developers have to deal with Photoshop, Illustrator, and other programs, for different purposes, to edit a video, make an animation, make a poster, etc. When we save our work, we have different formats that we can choose to save our projects such as TIFF, JPEG, PSD, GIF, etc. I’m going to show you which program it is best to use when.

  • TIFF:  If you are working on a poster and would like to print preserving all the work you did in Photoshop, this is the format you should choose. TIFF produces large files but there is no loss in the quality.
  • PDF: The classic format chosen by the default for photoshop. You should choose this format whenever you want to preserve the layers, styles, transparency, etc.
  • JPEG: This format is best to work when the sizes are small and don’t mind to lost some quality on the picture. This format should be used as a last resource or depend on the project you are working on.
  • GIF: This format is used for animations, web buttons, and other things that don’t need a whole variety of colors. Choose this format is you would like to have limited colors and small size.

That’s all for today guys, hope you will like this post and learn something new, see you next time!

Hey guys! Nice to see you all again, today I will post a cartoon of myself made with Photoshop, hope you enjoy it! See you next time.


This is the original picture.


Hello again guys, today we will be talking about Wireframes and the importance of them, so stay tuned!

First of all, what is a Wireframe? 

It is a visual guide that represents the skeletal form of a website. The most popular use of a Wireframe is to arrange the elements that are going to be on the website to best accomplish a particular purpose.

What is the importance of a Wireframe? 

Wireframes help us to arrange elements and make the job easier to design and edit. They focus more on:

  • The ranges of functions availability
  • Priorities of information and functions
  • Rules of displaying certain kind of information.
  • The effects of different scenarios of the display.

Wireframes play a big role when designing, editing a website. Many industries use Wireframes to create ideas and improvement to their websites.

From my personal point of view, every Web Developer should use Wireframes before creating something, that will help to concentrate your ideas.

I made a Wireframe about this website and I will leave it below so you can check it and see an example that you can do on your own.

Wireframe Jesus Pernia

Visit https://www.gliffy.com/ to create Wireframes like this and more, they give you a 15-day free trial.

Hope you enjoyed this article and see you next time!

Let’s talk about Netiquette! 


There are millions of people around the world who still doesn’t know how to correctly use the internet. One challenge for many people is communicating due to the fact that you are interacting with the whole world but not face to face, that is why today we will be talking about Netiquette.

Let’s start by defining what it is.

Netiquette is the correct way of communicating through the internet.

With that being said, the internet is very wide and you must be careful with the content or words you publish. Some people like to talk with abbreviations, but not everybody understands them, others put all their real information in places they shouldn’t. There are many actions and rules that you should be aware of, but once you know them, you will be ready to face the internet.

Wacht the video above to get all this information in deep.

Hope you guys learned something today, see you next time!

Hello guys, today I will post my first logos made with Illustrator, hope you like them!