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The main aspects of Ergonomics at work:

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Safety in the workplace

In the process of life, most of us are going to get in on the part where all we are going to have a job, and that means a lot of responsibilities, not only with ourselves but with our job mates too.


When we are working, we all think about making money, and eventually, we forgot one of the most important things which are safe. There are a certain amount of rules that we as an employee have to obey, but sometimes those rules don’t work for us, so we must act to ensure the safety of the work environment.



Some of our responsibilities depend on the area, business, agency, for which we are working for. The responsibilities can variate, but no matter what job  you have, you are always going to have one responsibility in common with the others, which is “Safety.”

Your safety and job mates safety is very important, one thing we have to have in a count is the hazard things that can harm us or the other people.


The 4 Copyright fair use factors

  1. The purpose and character of your use:

    One important factor in terms of copyright is the purpose that you gave or in this case the character you took to make something. It is very quite different transform a work, then steal and make a copy of a work; you can make a parody of something because you are transforming the original version into something ridicule, you are adding content, you are creating your own content through something else.

  2. The nature of the copyrighted work:

    The author has the right to control the first appearance on the public, what this means? This means that if you steel a work that hasn’t gone public, you have committed an obvious act of stealing copyrighted work, but if you take something that is already on the market, you will have a stronger case of fair use.

  3. The amount of the portion taken:

    The more you take, the more you get in trouble, but sometimes it is not about the amount, if you take the heart of a work, you will still get in a big trouble, but sometimes this doesn’t apply to all, it is about the perspective; for example a parody, a parody focuses on the heart of a movie, novel, etc, but it makes its own version of it.

  4. The effect of the use of the potential market:

    The use that someone gives to the copyrighted work is one of the most important things, if not the most important. When someone tries to make a profit by either using his image, or work, and are competing directly with the original work, then those people are committing a crime.

Five Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Original Portfolio by an Online Portfolio

  1. Social Network is expanding quickly:

    Most of the people today use at least one social network to communicate, share, distract, etc. On the recent years, the social network has expanded in a rate of 77% per year, that calculus can go up or down; Most of the companies are using the social network to contact people or get an extra reference about their lives.

  2. The traditional jobs are dying:

    The jobs that we normally know are dying, some of our jobs are being taken by robots or computer that can do faster and better the same job, so the jobs that we possibly are going to have, are going to be another kind of jobs, jobs in electronics.

  3.  No more jobs, be an entrepreneur:

    Many people now are taking a different path; We see that now the young generation think to make their own business and be successful, this is in part due because we live in an era that everything is easier to do and you have all the tools that you need to achieve what you want. We can also see that most of these people are choosing the path of the electronics, where the future is.

  4. Your resume is easy to build:

    With all these platforms and tools that we have today, it is very easy to build a resume of all your career in just minutes. There are a big amount of websites that are easy to use to achieve this, for example, Linkdin, which is one of the most used by the users where you can put a summary of yourself and everything you have done.

  5. Job seekers prefer digital platforms:

    As we said before, many people use and prefer digital platform to find jobs. It is easier to connect and interact with people through this social platform, especially if a big amount of people use them, we don’t have to waste paper and mailing portfolios to companies, we just have to publish all our information in these platforms.